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Basic Armour

Armour – The Basic Concept

Common to all armoured operations are the basic tenets of Maneuver and Firepower. The degrees of each component differs and depends on the vehicles in use. For the practical purposes of ArmA and our use of vehicles, particularly in organised events, an AFV crew will be standardised to the following:

  1. 3 man Crew for all vehicles that have driver, gunner and commander positions. Loader positions will not be filled by Players. For example: M1A1 and variants, LAV Variants, M2A2 Bradley IFV/CFV
  2. 2 man Crew for all vehicles that have combined gunner/commander positions. For Example: LAV-PC/Styker 50cal, M113s


ArmA Specific Adjustments:

  • It is highly recommended that anyone intending on playing as armour crew set their in game sounds to about 50% to allow for comms to be audible over engine noise.
  • The instant view distance mod (IVD), available here, is advisable. It allows you to dynamically adjust view distance as you play. Engagement ranges for armour are often 2km+ meaning a view distance of 4km+ is handy.

You can watch the following overview from a previous armour crew training night to get the jist of how the teams work, as well as coms and various AFV terminology.

Driver Controls & Methods

Driver Controls/Methods 3 Basic speeds are commonly used: Slow - Default Key is ‘Q’ This is generally used when moving up into hulldown/turret down/hides, as well as when directed in other situations by the commander. It shall also be used in base and built up areas to minimise risk of Accidents. Normal/Standard – Default Key is …

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Gunner Controls & Methods

Gunner Weapon Systems and Controls The Main Weapon systems currently under training for CTB are the M256 120mm Rheinmetall Smoothbore Main gun of the M1A1/A2, 25mm Bushmaster and the 7.62 Coaxial Machine Gun.Additional weapon training will be added in the near future including the TOW launcher as fired from the M2A2 Bradley. The M256 120mm …

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Top Left: Turret down as seen from a target perspective. 
Bottom Left: Hull down. 
Right hand images demonstrate the value of clutter in further reducing the skyline/cresting of the vehicle.


HULL/TURRET DOWN / HIDE Using terrain or emplacements, the vehicle is positioned so as to minimise exposure. Between moves or while occupying an over watch position, a scout vehicle occupies one of three types of hasty positions: hide, turret-down, or hull-down. The scout vehicle approaches the intended location from the rear along a covered route …

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