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Driver Controls & Methods

Driver Controls/Methods

3 Basic speeds are commonly used:

  1. Slow¬†- Default Key is ‘Q’
    This is generally used when moving up into hulldown/turret down/hides, as well as when directed in other situations by the commander. It shall also be used in base and built up areas to minimise risk of Accidents.
  2. Normal/StandardDefault Key is ‘W’
    Utilised generally in formations so there is a standard rate of movement that can be adhered to by all vehicles, allowing the slow and faster speeds to be used by vehicles to adjust their relative positions in formation.Also to be used as standard rate of movement on administrative moves on roads.
  3. Best Speed/FastDefault Key is “E” as well as “SHIFT+W”
    Used when instructed by commander, default movement speed cross country when crossing open terrain.


Each speed will be communicated to the crew by the vehicle commander with one of the Pro-words above: Slow, Normal/Standard, Best Speed/Fast.

Note that, based on the above situations, the instruction ‘forward’ or ‘advance’ may have different meaning and that use of this instruction to the driver, should mean the speed relevant to the situation/location you are in.

Changing direction should be done smoothly and without over correction, as this severely affects the gunner and commander in tracking targets and scanning. Drivers should make an effort, unless otherwise instructed by Crew Commander, to slow down before turning.