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Advanced Infantry

The following covers more detail in how CTB work in Infantry Operations. It is delviered in 2 packages, phase one and phase two. Phase one consists of urban Operations, manouvering through built up areas and clearing structures. Phase 2 further develops section operation, conducting ambushes, small team tactics and more.


Urban Operations

Buildings will always be encountered in arma, they provide solid defensive positions, and break up the country side refreshingly. However entering these areas can be extremely hazardous as you are now dealing with three dimensional combat. The enemy is no longer on a plane around you, they are up on rooftops, in ally wyas, hiding …

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Linear Ambush - Setup

Advanced Drills

Assaulting Fixed Position Prior Preperation Report the contact with HQ, organise the section/plan the assault (fire control, limit of exploitation, FUP etc), saturate the target with IDFS Assault Execute the assault, hold prior to the EN position Break in/Fight Through Frag any emplacements or defences and secure immediate positon. Fight through until the LOE to …

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The JTAC, Who is he? What does he do? And What does JTAC stand for anyways? Who is he? The link between the ground forces and air assets providing the big guns. What does he do? Know the enemy situation and location of friendly units. Know the Commanders target priority and desired effects on targets. …

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