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Casualty Treatment

It is inevitable that during a game, someone is going to take a round to the face and become incapacitated. This SOP is to assist with the recovery and treatment of said individuals.

First Response

When someone goes down, do not assist them immediately. Report the affected member to your section and continue with your current actions until the Section or Fireteam leader stops you. Depending on your current actions, at the time of the incident, and how fast you are moving between points, you may want to mark on the map the last known position. This will help all members locate him after the threat has been dealt with.

Recovering the body

Never recover the person without dealing with the threat. You can either eliminate the threat, or effect enough cover through fire and/or concealment, denying the hostile the ability to inflict more damage.
It is preferred the threat be eliminated, but where this is not possible, use smoke grenades and LSW suppression to allow friendly forces to recover the body.
Should I drag or carry?
If you can move the wounded individual less than 20m to effective cover, then only drag them. If it is not safe for more than 20m, carry the individual until you can find somewhere for them to be treated. This is weighed by how much time you have; pickign up the person takes time, which is not warrented should cover be close by.

Treating Persons

The first thing to fix is any bleeding. This is what will eventually kill the player. Use bandage kits/compression bandages where possible first, as they are more effective at stopping the bleeding.
Next wake the player up with a shot of epinephrine, this will essentially jumpstart the heart.
Finally, provide any morphine to prevent the player getting ‘the shakes’.