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All Round Defence

The All Round Defence is conducted when the Fire-Team must hold in a location, for any extended period. It provides 360 degress of cover, and members of theĀ Fire-Team can displace easily between eachother (for example, 2IC moving around checking everyone’s ammo count).



The column is an effective patrolling formation. TheĀ Fire-Team follows the same path, making navigation simple. It also lowers the Fire-Team’s profile when advancing towards a threat. Should they be engaged from the front however, the team can only react with one effective weapon.


Extended Line

The Extended Line allows all of the Fire-Team’s fire power to be available to the front. This is best used when assaulting, or defending from a single point. Notice though that the formation has no flank protection.


Wedge / Arrow Head

The Wedge (Fireteam) or Arrow Head (Section), is an effective general purpose formation. It allows flank protection and foward firing capabilities. The only problem is that should a flank be attacked, the team is required to pivot. Also any fire from the flank can effect the entire team/section. Here is an example of a heavy left Wedge.


Which side of the Wedge is heavy, depends on terrain. It should always be heavy towards high ground.


Staggered Column

The staggered column is an alternative to the column, or file. It provides more fire to the front, but faces the same flank issue that the Wedge does. This formation is best used in built up areas (Refer to Urban Operations).