Infantry is without question the most played, and most valuable, role within the ArmA series. Without some form of infantry force, most vehicles available within ArmA are unable to move safely, or effectively apply their weapons with the greatest impact on the enemy. It is for this reason that we place the most emphasis on the role of the infantry during training – it is the most practiced and taught role (and the various iterations and variations there of), as well as the starting position of all new members.

Throughout the site, you will find most of our guides depend on you having completed at a bare minimum the basic infantry course. It contains many key principles applied in numerous other guides, including formations, basic drills, and team structures. New members are advised to thoroughly read the Basic Infantry page both before and after BT events. Older members are also required to regularly check for updates to stay on top of changes to the procedures.

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Basic Infantry

Introduction Welcome to the CTB’s Basic Infantry Guide. Here you will find all the information required to operate within a Section of Combat Team Bravo.   The Objective The information here is what we teach new recruits. This guide is for reference to the information taught during our training events, to be accessed at any …

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Advanced Infantry

The following covers more detail in how CTB work in Infantry Operations. It is delviered in 2 packages, phase one and phase two. Phase one consists of urban Operations, manouvering through built up areas and clearing structures. Phase 2 further develops section operation, conducting ambushes, small team tactics and more.

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Air Mobile

Introduction There are a number of terms used to describe what is essentially the same thing regarding air mobile ops. These include, but are not limited to: Air Mobile Air Cavalry (or Air Cav) Helicopter Based Infantry For the purposes of ArmA / CTB, none of these are more correct than the other. This guide …

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