Who is Combat Team Bravo (CTB)?

CTB is a group of mature gamers (18+) focused on the battle simulation series known as ArmA, created by Bohemia Interactive. Most of our veteran members have been playing since the original ‘Cold War Assault’, however our current team is made up of players from more recent titles such as ArmA, ArmA 2 CO and ArmA 3.

Why CTB?

CTB focuses on implementing a realistic play style, known as MilSim, within the ArmA Series. However, we also balance this gameplay with good humour. We aim to immerse our members in a military simulation, without the bullshit that often accompanies such approaches. The aim is to have fun, but to balance that fun with tactics, and consideration for others.


You will not have ‘drill sergeants’ or keyboard commandos yelling at you while you perform drill or march in formation. You will not be addressing people by rank, nor find yourself being ordered around by a 12 year old. 

CTB implements a number of training systems, ranging from basic infantry to more complex processes such as AFV operation and air mobile concepts. Training events are organised for both members-only, and community guests from The Battlegroup (a collective of AU/NZ ArmA teams).

If you want to know more about our training system, you can head over and browse through the Training & Resources page!

What does CTB do?

Aside from training, CTB also hosts in-house COOP missions for up to 50 players. Our team of mission designers are constantly working on new scenarios for our members, not to mention recruiting new designers to help out the process. We also design and host large scale community operations that foster our AU/NZ tactical ArmA community known as “The Battlegroup.”

How we handle new Recruits

All new members to CTB are automatically assigned “Recruit” status.

  • This is purely so that trainers, HQ and other members are aware of who the new guys are.
  • During this time you’re given full access to our site and resources like any other member – you’re simply marked as a recruit so that existing members can guide you through your early stages and help you out with issues you may experience.
  • Once you’ve been deemed competent in the Basic Infantry skill set, you graduate to full membership. From there you are free to undertake other training courses and find your place within the team (be it a pilot, infantry team leader, etc.)

Sounds good – how do I sign up?

Make sure you fit the following criteria:

  1. You must own a legal working copy of ArmA 3 on Steam (+ subsequent DLC’s as they’re released).
  2. You must have a stable internet connection, and the ability to download mods/addons that are requirements for games.
  3. You must have a working microphone and Teamspeak 3 install – without these you can’t communicate with the team.
  4. You must be at least 18 years old to join (but preferably older).
  5. You cannot be a member of any other AU/NZ ArmA group.

If that sounds like you, head over to the forums and register. Then you need to make a post in the recruitment section following the format provided here. Once you’ve done that a recruiter will be in contact with you and arrange a meeting on our Teamspeak server. This is so we get a chance to know you and give you a run through of how we operate before you join.