Public Server

Our public server runs 24×7, with missions that encourage teamwork and provide a fun experience for those willing to work together. While we encourage milsim minded players to join our public A3 server, we offer a significantly stripped back and more relaxed experience on this server compared to our private mission nights.

As the server is open to all, there may be times that not everyone gets along. We hope that everyone will be able to deal with these times in a calm and mature manner – but if things seem to be getting out of hand please don’t hesitate to speak to one of our members on TeamSpeak (, who will be able to jump on and help work things out.


Team killing or other destructive behaviour will see you removed from the server – we don’t care why you did it. If a CTB member sees you causing trouble you’ll be given a warning, and if the behaviour continues, you’ll be removed. The public server is paid for by our members – you are not entitled to use and abuse it as you see fit.

Some General Guidelines

  1. Players looking to fly should be on TeamSpeak with Task Force Radio (see below for details)
  2. Team killing should be dealt with by reporting it to CTB members on TS (do not team kill in retaliation)
  3. Should at any time the server be full, CTB members take priority and public players will be removed to make room. Should we remove members of the public, those who are not present on TeamSpeak will be removed first.

Suggested Addons

If you want to play on our public server, then we strongly suggest that you use the following addons.

We suggest using Play withSix to keep your addons updated.

TeamSpeak Details

Connect to our Team Speak server using the address and join the CTB Public Server channel.