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AAR Report: Oil Invasion – Mission 1

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    Maj. Tom was taken

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First off, I would like to thank everyone for the turn out last night, fucking outstanding having that many people on a Sunday night.


After being briefed, Osias had chosen to recon the area before launching an assault on the town. Knowing an approximate enemy strength and reinforcement capabilities gave the team a slight upper hand in the battle.

Using the recon team on the hill to the north overlooking the town gave the assault team the ability to move with very little resistance. Recon squads’ use of both the LMG and a marksman’s rifle proved effective at denying the enemy action.


Casualty Report:

Blue Forces – 0 K.I.A. / 0 W.I.A. (Counted @ Return to base)

Red Forces. – 120+ K.I.A. / 30 W.I.A.


Points of Interest:

Scud – Intelligence had a drone follow the Scud after we extracted from the area. Scud appears to be setting up to the far north.

Cache – Taken out by a sneaky move by Babeski and Lamb. Enemy forces are now suffering from a short supply of ammo.

H.V.T. – While taken out, no photo I.D. was taken of the body to confirm authenticity.



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