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May 06 2014

ABG-MED 1st Deployment

Event post: Campaign Progression: Dockyards ammo storage had already been cleared by local militia by the time ABG forces arrived in the area. A number of vehicles were engaged leaving the site, but only appeared to be transporting militia. Intel recovered by call sign Charlie-2 while searching the dockyard revealed that the government forces …

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Apr 22 2014

20/4/14 Post Game Videos

Below are some post game videos from the game held on Sunday the 20/4/14. More videos and pictures can be found on both the pictures and video threads of the forums. Hangfire also uploaded some footage from another game on the 21/4, as CTB and XDF take part in a campaign as TF84 in Altis. …

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Jun 04 2013

Joint Training Continuing

arma2oa 2013-06-03 22-25-55-12

CTB, XDF, AAF & RIFM have been conducting some joint training in preparation for Op. Shamshir. A few shots are below, and you can also view some videos made by CTB and RIFM members. You can see more screenshots posted on the forums – click here to go check them out.

May 17 2013

Shamshir Addons – Get in quick!

The currently implemented addon list for Shamhsir’s first mission set is released – get in quick and make sure you’ve grabbed the requirements! So far, players will need to have the following: AAW (obtainable on Six Updater) – You will need to run @aaw_core;@aww_ace SOTGĀ (obtainable on Six Updater) – Look for @sbe_sotg Reshmaan ProvinceĀ (obtainable on …

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