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Jun 04 2013

Joint Training Continuing

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CTB, XDF, AAF & RIFM have been conducting some joint training in preparation for Op. Shamshir. A few shots are below, and you can also view some videos made by CTB and RIFM members. You can see more screenshots posted on the forums – click here to go check them out.

May 17 2013

Shamshir Addons – Get in quick!

The currently implemented addon list for Shamhsir’s first mission set is released – get in quick and make sure you’ve grabbed the requirements! So far, players will need to have the following: AAW (obtainable on Six Updater) – You will need to run @aaw_core;@aww_ace SOTG (obtainable on Six Updater) – Look for @sbe_sotg Reshmaan Province (obtainable on …

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May 10 2013

Op. Shamshir Announced – ABG to deploy in coming weeks!

The nation of Ghazhostan has long been a rogue state in the eyes of the international community. They have little to no external political support (save states such as N.Korea and the like), and are renowned for their over-zealous use of torture and murder to keep their population in line. With the passing of the long …

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