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Mar 21 2013

Morning Light III – WARNO/OPORD

ROM: HQ 2ND BATTALION, 505TH REGIMENT, 82ND AIRBORNE TO: OC 2PLT, C COY SUBJECT: OPR MORNING LIGHT III PRIORITY: FLASH / CRITIC DTG: 0182000KMAR13 CLASSIFICATION: TOP SECRET   +++++BEGINS+++++   SITUATION: A major Taliban offensive has cut the HYSAD VALLEY and threatens to overrun friendly garrisons in place at COP PUNTA CUERVO GR 084 105 …

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Mar 02 2013

OP Morning Light II OPORD

You can RSVP to the calendar event.

Feb 25 2013

OP Morning Light OPORD

Ari has posted Op. Morning Light’s OPORD up for everyone to read ahead of tonight’s first deployment. Full details will be passed out via Teamspeak to those teams involved, but the following overviews have been released for advanced viewing.