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Aug 11 2016

Operation Twisting Tides: A Review

Operation Twisting Tides was conducted on Sunday the 7th of August. While the mission was a lot of fun, we couldn’t help but highlight some of the funnier moments from the evening – sit back and enjoy some glorious stupidity from CTB

Nov 27 2014

Mission 9 – Bravo-9′s Demise

The BMP show case prior to BRAVO-9's engagement.

Heading into mission 9 of the ABG-MED campaign, most of us expected a rather clean cut mission. We had intel from HUMINT in the NAA ranks that El Presidente himself was going to be exposed for a brief window of time at the dockyards south of the airfield, right in the heart of his ongoing …

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Nov 21 2014

Mission 8 See’s Athira Captured

A close fought battle between ABG-MED infantry teams (assisted by ALF) and the NAA forces holding Athira has seen a break in the ever moving front line. The rebel forces, backed by ABG-MED, are pushing hard for the Altis airfield in an attempt to allow vital resupplies and humanitarian assistance enter the country. The two …

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Oct 21 2014

ABG-MED Rolls Into Mission 8

The ABG-MED task force has been kicking a long quite nicely (despite some setbacks with some certain VIP’s being knocked off). You can view the map of our current progress below: After making friends with the Altis rebellion against El Presidente, the town of Athira has been chosen as the next target. The assault plan …

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