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Feb 14 2014

A3 Zeus DLC Announced

Looks like BIS have finally switched on to the fact that there is a¬†multiplayer¬†community that uses real time editing to create missions on the fly. Zeus is the first “DLC” announced for A3, which will provide a real time MP editing setup similar to MCC or VTS. How well (or horribly) they implement the new …

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Feb 08 2014

A-10C Released by Peral

Features: Interactive cockpit Custom A10C pilot Custom A10C sounds Custom weapon sounds Custom damage system Ejection sequence Canopy animation Master arms “SAFETY” feature User interface via Service Menu allowing ordnance and paint scheme customization Full realistic set of weapons models Collision Lights and Formation Lights Download link: ARMAHOLIC

Sep 12 2013

ArmA 3 Full Release

ArmA 3 has gone to full release – now we wait for the mods to make it playable and worth our time!

Mar 14 2013

Sabre’s A3 Alpha Retextures Released

Sabre released his US Army Infantry and USMC Infantry retexture addons on the BI forums. You can download them from Armaholic here.

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