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News or updates relating to addons for ArmA.

Jul 13 2014

Combat Space Enhancement Release

From the CSE Dev Team: We are pleased to announce the public release of Combat Space Enhancement 0.2. It has been a long road, but we finally feel we have something that we can share with the rest of you! There is still much to do to bring this modification to a finished state, however, …

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May 03 2014

MH47 Test Night / Pilot Training

Some CTB members jumped on last night to give the newly released MH47′s a test run and get some hours up in the pilots seat. Luckily (or maybe unluckily) we had a community member strapped into the copilots seat, helpless as the tragedy unfolded. Here’s some footage of their ordeal:

Apr 20 2014

Kushluk’s RHM4/M16 Global Reload Sound Bug Fix

Download Here RHM4/M16 Reload Bug Fix Download this. Find the ‘rh_m4_cfg.pbo’ file and copy it. Replace the stock ‘rh_m4_config.pbo’ file in ‘@RH_M4/addons’ with the one you just downloaded. Profit. Note, that this fix only works for clients running it. So, if I run it, you will not hear my global reload sound, but if you …

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Apr 06 2014

WIP Roundup – New Toys Soon™

Just some screenshots of upcoming addons / mods that are on the CTB watch / wish list. Soon we shall have all the fun toys! And by soon we mean, anywhere between tomorrow and 3 years from now.   Red Hammer Studies are posting some cool work in progress shots of their US Army mod …

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