Apr 02 2017

[Co32] Oil Invasion


December 25th, 1975.
Russia is running low on oil reserves during the cold war, in a surprise move, they invade Afghanistan
and take control of large supplies of Oil fields and reserves, strengthening the Russian war machine.
2 million civilians are killed or displaced during this occupation.

By 1985, Russia has total control over Afghanistan, and turns their eyes onto neighboring countries,
Pakistan, Tajikistan and Iran.
Pushing out to secure as much land as possible, Russian forces move 1,666km into the neighboring countries,
the distance from Melbourne to Brisbane, heavy fighting follows, but a new border has been established.
An insurgency follows this war, into the early 2000′s, where the insurgency begins to pick up,
with fighters promised wealth, land and a religious paradise, they swarm to Afghanistan, at a heavy loss on Russian forces.

In 2010 Russian forces leave overnight, leaving behind a large collection of armoured vehicles,
weapons, and air power.
In the wake of the power vacuum a large insurgent group takes control of the old Russian occupied zones,
thousands of civilians are killed.

With the dawn of a new era, comes new evil.
The UN pleads for the American Government to take control of the situation, and return the country to
its former glory.


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