Jul 17 2015


Date: Monday 27th of July.
Rally: 1930 HR AEST
Start: 2000 HR AEST


INQUISITORS takes place in the fictional area of VT5. For the purposes of this mission, it is somewhere in Eastern Europe. NATO troops are in open conflict with insurgent separatists in the region. 24 hours ago, an Osprey (on a return flight from inserting Special Forces troops) was shot down by insurgent forces approximately 100km’s from BLUFOR positions. A distress beacon was activated by the pilot following the crash. Intel has ascertained that the pilot has been picked up by insurgent forces and taken to a nearby facility. We, as USMC Force Recon, have been tasked with the location and extraction of the pilot “RAMIREZ”. Civilians are active in the area and casualties should be kept to a minimum. AI A-10A “THUNDERBIRD” is on station to assist, pending AA.