Nov 27 2014

Mission 9 – Bravo-9′s Demise

Heading into mission 9 of the ABG-MED campaign, most of us expected a rather clean cut mission. We had intel from HUMINT in the NAA ranks that El Presidente himself was going to be exposed for a brief window of time at the dockyards south of the airfield, right in the heart of his ongoing battle with local guerilla’s. The visit was timed with a recent delivery of BMP’s, which supposedly required the ‘mighty seal of approval’ before they could be put into active service. The plan was relatively simply – clear the area before El Presidente arrived, then ambush him and his security detail. The BMP’s would then also be destroyed, delivering a double blow to the NAA and their war with the freedom fighters.

The assault plan for the special forces team, callsign BRAVO-9, tasked with hitting an OP, followed with a kill or capture mission.

With a rough plan of how to proceed, callsign BRAVO-9, a special forces team within ABG-MED specialising in maritime operations and HVT raids, set about preparing for the raid that would hopefully bring an abrupt end to the ongoing civil war on the island of Altis. Teams made their way to the island of Makrynisi, just south of the Pyrgos Gulf, and laid up for the night.

Just after 0212 local, the two assault teams loaded back into their boats, and set about heading to their respective objectives. Upon approaching the OP, it became obvious that some upgrades had been done since the teams were operating in the area with some frequency a few months previously. A new lighthouse had been installed, allowing the position to have eyes out over the opening of the gulf, with a partner light house on the coast of Pyrgos. Team 1 would have to divert and assist Team 2 in it’s OP assault before it could advance through the Pyrgos Gulf opening.

The view from Team 1's second boat, as they approached the light house OP.

The view from Team 1′s second boat, as they approached the light house OP.

While some casualties were taken in the assault of the position, the speed of the overall encounter meant that no radio call was made to warn the NAA further north of any movement on the water by ABG-MED forces. The added assistance of rebel fighters engaging NAA forces around the airfield also prevented the gunfire from drawing any unwanted attention. With this said, it was noted that some of the pirates, who were loitering around the OP, were equipped with some more advanced technology than had previously been seen. Most importantly, a pirate captain sporting a very expensive looking set of night vision equipment.

With the OP secure, both teams remounted their respective boats and made the rather lengthy trip north across the gulf. Time was starting to run short, and pressure was mounting to hit the position and secure it before El Presidente arrived. After some unforeseen engine trouble, both teams arrived on the beaches just east of the dockyard at 0314 local time. Although running slightly behind schedule due to the heavy resistance at the OP, things were still looking promising at the dockyard.

Team 1, waiting to break into the dockyard to the south. The horrendous lighting conditions with the use of NVG's can be seen in this photo.

Team 1, waiting to break into the dockyard to the south. The horrendous lighting conditions with the use of NVG’s can be seen in this photo.

With Team 1 moving to the south end of the dockyard, and Team 2 breaking in on the east, BRAVO-9 located four NAA crewman guarding the formidable Russian armoured vehicles – very nicely illuminated and ready for inspection by their glorious leader. Although teams took care not to be noticed, one lone NAA guardsman fired first, bringing about a quick end to the left over crew as Team 1 and 2 engaged from the south and east. Although loathed by some, others took great joy in moving bodies to some rather unique hiding places.

Osias hides a deceased NAA crew member... inside an APC.

Osias hides a deceased NAA crew member… inside an APC.

With the area secure, both teams set up in their respective ambush positions and awaited El Presidente’s convoy. As each team silently separated to their areas and performed their checks, an injured NAA soldier, thought to be dead in the initial contact and clearance, was biding his time in the APC that BRAVO-9 team members had hidden him in. He would be their downfall.

El Presidente and his security detail arrive.

El Presidente and his security detail arrive.

As the Presidential convoy arrived, BRAVO-9 team members prepared to engage the security detail and capture El Presidente – with this said, there was always the option of having him “accidentally” shot in cross fire. The two open top UAZ’s pulled up at the front gate of the dockyard across from the BMP’s, and then all hell broke loose. The security detail, no doubt noticing the pools of blood leaking from the back of the BMP’s, started to engage shadows in the dark, which elicited a wall of fire from the three BRAVO-9 positions waiting to strike. LMG, rifle, and UGL fire rained down on the small convoy, with El Presidente seen running like the wind for the safety of the BMP’s.

Although the small security detail was out numbered, the elite unit managed to eliminate eight BRAVO-9 team members in the initial engagement, with the remaining four ABG-MED fighters cleaning up the end of the firefight and tasked with the rather un-enjoyable job of finding El Presidente’s body in the mass of casualties for positive identification.

The BMP show case prior to BRAVO-9's engagement.

The BMP show case prior to BRAVO-9′s engagement.

The remaining four man team managed to find the dictators body, however the terrible lighting conditions at the time prevented video and photo devices from working well enough to provide a clear and positive identification. It was deemed necessary to drag the body over to the well lit BMP’s and take photos there, before working to collect the deceased BRAVO-9 team members and extract from the location. This was to prove a fatal decision.

As the team dragged the lifeless body of the dictator back to the light, the remaining injured NAA soldier fell out the back of a BMP, covered in his fellow crew members blood. The remaining BRAVO-9 team members raised their weapons and fired, but not before a single grenade fell from the soldier’s hands, and rolled to a stop at El Presidente’s feet. While the unknown NAA soldier died instantly, the same cannot be said for the four remaining men of BRAVO-9, who suffered significantly from the close impact of a high explosive frag grenade. Preliminary intel reports than the remaining four members of the special forces team bled out over a number of hours, despite their best efforts to patch themselves up.

Mission nine may have resulted in the death of the tyrant, known for attempting to detonate a nuclear device on his own civilian population, but it also resulted in the death of an entire team that was dedicated to assisting the people of Altis. Negotiations are ongoing to recover their bodies.