Nov 21 2014

Mission 8 See’s Athira Captured

A close fought battle between ABG-MED infantry teams (assisted by ALF) and the NAA forces holding Athira has seen a break in the ever moving front line. The rebel forces, backed by ABG-MED, are pushing hard for the Altis airfield in an attempt to allow vital resupplies and humanitarian assistance enter the country. The two maps below show the movement in the front. Next week will see ABG-MED teams striking again at one of the key hotspots on the island.

Campaign map after the battle for Athira on 19th November

Here are some screenshots from the event, no video is available due to some technical difficulties in processing.

Quick break after insertion before pushing into the town.

As rebel teams engage positions to the north east of the town, ABG MED moves in from the north west.

Teams moved on from their vehicle drop off point to the west of Athira. Low creek beds with heavy vegetation allowed the teams to push relatively close to the town before exposing themselves to the entrenched NAA forces.

The teams get pinned crossing open ground surrounding the town. Smoke is deployed (by both teams and artillery / mortars).

The open ground of course presented some challenges, with the ABG teams being engaged as soon as they left their concealment in the creek bed. heavy smoke cover was deployed to allow teams to move onto the first military outpost located to the north of Athira. The position had been engaged by rebels during the ABG teams advance and was only manned by those NAA personnel that had been able to make it through the fire fights on the outskirts of town.

Abandoned remains of the NAA Athira C2 position.

Engaging a BTR near the Athira church.

After some intense building to building fighting, ABG teams and their rebel allies pushed to the center of town, capturing the church and surrounding C2 position that had been established by the NAA during their occupation of the area. Whilst some earlier static vehicles had been eliminated by rebel artillery spotted by ABG forces, one BTR did arrive soon after the area was captured, resulting in some casualties, and the eventual destruction of said vehicle with a well placed AT4.

Medic and his assistant deal with a casualty in the… ahh.. cemetary…

Clearing the town, street by street.

After consolidating their advances, the ABG and rebel teams pushed again, clearing the outskirts of the town to the south, and preparing for the eventual push onto the airfield. Soon after hand over, ABG forces were collected from a HLZ to the south of Athira, and transported back to ABG controlled territory to plan for the next engagement.

Team extraction after clearing the town and handing over to rebel forces.

What happens next?

A number of options are available for the ABG teams. Most notably, the movements of rebel forces preventing El Presidente and his close aids from leaving the confines of the airfield, means that it will be much easier to try and pinpoint his location for either precision air strikes, or a ground team to attempt a snatch and grab.

Although some forces from the Kavala battle to the west are attempting to break through, it is appearing more and more likely that the airfield and Kavala areas of operations will become separated and unable to reach each other. Rebel forces are working to contain the two major regions, in an attempt to out last their more logistic heavy enemy.