May 20 2014

ABG-MED 2nd Deployment

Event Post:


Campaign Progression:

  1. Raid target 1 was cleared with little issue, although teams noted that it was a bit slower than anticipated. Intel recovered from both buildings provided targets for future raids.
  2. Raid target 2 was cleared quickly, although due to delays with Target 1, the HVT identified in the intel recovered had left the area and was therefore not a viable target that night.
  3. Intel recovered from Raid 1 indicated two key locations – the first being a small stockpile of munitions stolen from the dockyard base from the first operation earlier in the week, located to the north. The second was a location to the east being heavily fortified with MANPAD systems stolen from Altis government forces at the outbreak of the conflict.
  4. 0A on the night (the eloquent Ser Facious) elected to raid the northern stockpile.
  5. Due to the time delay on the earlier raids, the northern stockpile militia were in the process of reinforcing their position, however many of these forces were still arriving via boat when the teams arrived on location. A steady flow of water-borne reinforcements arrived on the beaches during the assault, however these were quickly dealt with by the MG teams.
  6. Demo teams located and destroyed the enemy caches of explosives, significantly reducing the militia’s capability to produce IED’s.
  7. The MANPAD site has been ear marked for a ground assault, preferably with armoured support, once additional units arrive in the area.


Technical Issues:

  • The MH47 seems to have a bug where multiple players exiting at once (or even being in the aircraft without being seated) damages the rotors, effectively grounding it. HC variant seems to be the only model suffering the issue, used the fixed ramp / standard variants for the rest of the night without similar bugs.


Teams locate intel during the first raid.

ABG-MED forces loaded up and waiting to head off to the northern stockpile.

Charges take out the first weapons cache at the northern stockpile.