May 06 2014

ABG-MED 1st Deployment

Event post:


Campaign Progression:

  1. Dockyards ammo storage had already been cleared by local militia by the time ABG forces arrived in the area. A number of vehicles were engaged leaving the site, but only appeared to be transporting militia.
  2. Intel recovered by call sign Charlie-2 while searching the dockyard revealed that the government forces that held the location believed they had located where the munitions were being stored before being distributed to other militia groups.
  3. Infantry call signs moved along pre planned movement route on the western outskirts of the town, but were engaged by militia within the hotel complex (POI-H).
  4. POI-H was cleared, with callsigns then moving north to hit the second target compound. Militia motorized teams started moving in force from the north, with CAS engaging to limit the impact on infantry teams. Resupply of medical equipment also called in with the breathing room given by CAS.
  5. Infantry teams secured the military base, destroying a number of launchers and ammo on site in the process of being gathered by militia groups.
  6. At this time CAS also engaged a number of militia vehicles and infantry, as well as a fortified position, to the north of the town that UAV-BDA revealed as the location Charlie-2 recovered intel on during the early stages of the operation. However, BDA has concluded that this location did not have all the missing munitions and supplies stolen from Pyrgos and convoys in the area.
  7. Infantry call signs moved to collection HLZ and were extracted back to ABG-MED HQ for debrief, with only light resistance at the HLZ.

You can watch the automated AAR here: http://combatteambravo.com/aar/altis.html?mission=MASS.abgmed_mission1#zoom=4&lat=-144.53125&lng=120.0625&position=450

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