Monthly Archive: May 2014

May 20 2014

ABG-MED 2nd Deployment

Event Post: http://www.ausbattle…ployment-18514/ Campaign Progression: Raid target 1 was cleared with little issue, although teams noted that it was a bit slower than anticipated. Intel recovered from both buildings provided targets for future raids. Raid target 2 was cleared quickly, although due to delays with Target 1, the HVT identified in the intel recovered had left the …

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May 12 2014

Shooting DICE EP02: Sploshuns

Marty has uploaded a short video from a recent test run of DICE. All the snackbars!

May 06 2014

ABG-MED 1st Deployment

Event post: Campaign Progression: Dockyards ammo storage had already been cleared by local militia by the time ABG forces arrived in the area. A number of vehicles were engaged leaving the site, but only appeared to be transporting militia. Intel recovered by call sign Charlie-2 while searching the dockyard revealed that the government forces …

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May 03 2014

MH47 Test Night / Pilot Training

Some CTB members jumped on last night to give the newly released MH47′s a test run and get some hours up in the pilots seat. Luckily (or maybe unluckily) we had a community member strapped into the copilots seat, helpless as the tragedy unfolded. Here’s some footage of their ordeal: