Apr 15 2014

Post Action Report [15/4]

Osias reports on the events of tonights game:

First on the agenda was a hostage Rescue. We were tasked with moving on Telos to recover three Reporters taken hostage by local…bad people I guess, I dunno they had guns man.

We took sporadic contact as we moved in, but eventually we were able to find the reporters. Unfortunately we soon discovered that the reporters had been turned and attempted to shoot us, we had no choice but to take them down.

We definetly did not plant the weapons on the reporters, after having gunned them down for refusing to mount up into our vehicles.

After fending off a hostile counter attack (Not pictured), we came under mortar fire and were forced to extract back to base.

All CTB and XDF members made it home safely, we definitely did not have any road accidents, and nobody was sandwiched between the front of a hunter and a wall.

Next on our list was a series of four high speed assaults on AAF HVT’s, for this mission we split into two teams and mounted up on little birds with our faithful and highly skilled pilots Swordy and Babeski.

We kept a good pace through out all four assaults, our pilots risking their lives to touch us down as close to target as possible.

Close collection on one of the raid targets.

That is of course until one of our pilots (not named) suffered an engine failure, Command elected not to leave the pilot or Littlebird for the AAF forces to recover.

You can also view a quick video of the “bipod incident” here: