Monthly Archive: April 2014

Apr 15 2014

CTB & XDF Hostage Rescue

You can check out a quick video from a small game played by some CTB and XDF team members on Monday night here: As always, jump on TS if you want to get involved!

Apr 13 2014

Zeus Test Night

Friday night a few of the guys from CTB, XDF and AAF got together to give Zeus a bash and see how it compared to our commonly used MCC and VTS mission setups. While on the whole it offers a significant “stock” option for real time mission creation, it’s still a bit lacking when compared …

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Apr 06 2014

WIP Roundup – New Toys Soon™

Just some screenshots of upcoming addons / mods that are on the CTB watch / wish list. Soon we shall have all the fun toys! And by soon we mean, anywhere between tomorrow and 3 years from now.   Red Hammer Studies are posting some cool work in progress shots of their US Army mod …

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