Apr 20 2014

Kushluk’s RHM4/M16 Global Reload Sound Bug Fix

Download Here

RHM4/M16 Reload Bug Fix

  • Download this.
  • Find the ‘rh_m4_cfg.pbo’ file and copy it.
  • Replace the stock ‘rh_m4_config.pbo’ file in ‘@RH_M4/addons’ with the one you just downloaded.
  • Profit.

Note, that this fix only works for clients running it. So, if I run it, you will not hear my global reload sound, but if you don’t run it, I will hear yours.

This means – everyone has to run it for it to work.

Make sure you download this and replace it asap.

If you need help, ask.


Disclaimer: If you run Six Updater, it will detect the change and re-download. Make sure you remove RHM4/M16 from your update list, or alternatively, set the config pbo as a read only file to prevent editing / replacement.