Monthly Archive: April 2014

Apr 22 2014

20/4/14 Post Game Videos

Below are some post game videos from the game held on Sunday the 20/4/14. More videos and pictures can be found on both the pictures and video threads of the forums. Hangfire also uploaded some footage from another game on the 21/4, as CTB and XDF take part in a campaign as TF84 in Altis. …

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Apr 20 2014

Session Rip [15/4/14]

  Raw footage taken from an impromptu game earlier this week. Nothing amazingly organised, but good fun none the less!

Apr 20 2014

Kushluk’s RHM4/M16 Global Reload Sound Bug Fix

Download Here RHM4/M16 Reload Bug Fix Download this. Find the ‘rh_m4_cfg.pbo’ file and copy it. Replace the stock ‘rh_m4_config.pbo’ file in ‘@RH_M4/addons’ with the one you just downloaded. Profit. Note, that this fix only works for clients running it. So, if I run it, you will not hear my global reload sound, but if you …

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Apr 15 2014

Post Action Report [15/4]

Osias reports on the events of tonights game: First on the agenda was a hostage Rescue. We were tasked with moving on Telos to recover three Reporters taken hostage by local…bad people I guess, I dunno they had guns man. We took sporadic contact as we moved in, but eventually we were able to find …

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