Mar 14 2014

Armour Improvement Kit

Allow me to introduce the upcoming Armour Improvement Kit (AIK).

This small mod is designed to increase the multiplayer usability of Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFVs) in ARMA3.

At this time the AIK is comprised of two components:

  • A dynamic vehicle name and ID Plate system, and
  • a target indicator that allows the gunner or commander of an AFV to designate a point of interest in the 3D world (ie, enemy tanks) for the other crewmembers in order to engage them more quickly.

These mods will add both functionality and individuality to your steel chariot. Coming soon to a server near you.


Add unique and classy names to your tank like ‘Destroyer’, ‘Warhorse’ and ‘Gunner Sux’.

Never be lost in convoy again! Know who you should ping with the COAX for running you into that ditch earlier!