Mar 10 2014


Tank Jesus was certainly smiling upon Armour Fans everywhere with the release of the latest ARMA 3 patch. Between the new ‘M2A4 Slammer UP’ for the NATO Faction and the PhysX model making tanks handle more, well.. like tanks, it was some kind of second coming for Armoured Fighting Vehicles.

It was high time that CTB rolled heavy and mounted up for some armoured action. VTS was the means, Kumas were the chariots and Sde’s driving was the comic relief.

The view from 1-2 to 1-3

Targets were destroyed and tracks were thrown as CTB’s mostly unstoppable tide of tanks rolled South under the leadership of Hangfire.

Want to know how it ends? See the AAR.

All callsigns, this is 1-1, move now.. Out.