Jan 05 2014

2014 Kick Off

With the holiday seasons slowly crawling to an unfortunate, and unwilling, end, CTB is looking to start 2014 with a bang! With a number of new campaigns and missions planned for early in the year, we’ll be collecting a range of smaller addons to mold the current build of A3 to something more useful in terms of game play and realism… unless ACE3 jumps up and surprises everyone.

In ABG news, a small team of players from different ABG groups is organising a trip to NZ to participate in the national airsoft weekend. If you’re interested in joining them, head over to the ABG forums for Milsim Sport and register your interest ASAP.


Addons & Mods to Watch

CTB is keeping a close eye on some other addons to implement once released, so here’s our shortlist for Janurary.

F16 Addon

A10 Warthog

SOC Units