Sep 07 2013

Intel Ops on track!

Who needs a federal election, when you have Kushluk’s latest mission to play test! A small handful of CTB members got together tonight and gave the new COOP game mode a play test. No media yet, but so far we’re on track for a public release in the next week or so (unless Kush breaks everything again).

WIP view of enterable buildings marked for missions and spawning scripts. That’s a whole lot of empty buildings to search!


WIP view of the intel log that tracks any currently available / running missions. Dat immersive notepad.

Here’s also a sneak peak of the dynamic missions that will be available:

Working Features
Intelligence Operations (Log, Missions etc)
Enemy Generation
Ambient Civilians
TP to Team, HALO, MHQ
Custom Nametags
Difficulty Config
Revive System
Logistics System
Operator Menu (its back – but not in black)
Interactive In-game Tutorial
Built in KushTac Quick-Entry
Removed Stamina Blur Effect

Intelligence Operations / Missions Available
VIP: Downed Pilot Extraction
VIP: Collaborator Extraction
VIP: Hostage Rescue Operation
VIP: Escort Foreign Official
HVT: Militant Officer
HVT: Militant Supply Depot
HVT: Militant Helicopter
HVT: Militant Forward Observer
HVT: Militant Arms Cache
HVT: Militant Boat Dock
MISC: Disarm Explosive Device
MISC: Secure Landing Zone
MISC: Repair Disabled Vehicle