Monthly Archive: April 2013

Apr 24 2013

Basic Infantry Course Footage

Some footage from the basic infantry training re-run earlier this week!

Apr 21 2013

Combat Team Baker

When CTB members aren’t busy making combat, they’re busy making with the baking! Dat Cake.

Apr 17 2013

SOTG Units Released!

Sabre, Ardvark and co have released their Aussie SOTG units on the BI forums today. You can check it out there or download them from ArmaHolic. Looks like all that bitching and moaning finally got us somewhere… sort of. Expect to see these guys being deployed as standard CTB infantry forces in the near future! …

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Apr 11 2013

Op. Daisy Chain – dusted and done!

Operation Daisy Chain, a joint op between CTB, XDF, OCB and elements of AAF was completed last night. You can see a quick overview of what happened thanks to Rhodesy.