Mar 09 2013

The Alpha eats us all…

Yep, it’s been rather quiet with all things A2 related as we’re all slowly swallowed whole by the ArmA 3 Alpha release.

The only consistent gripe seems to be our lack of ACRE at this stage, hearing 20+ voices all at once is definitely a flashback to ArmA 1 days. Regardless, the new features and toys more than compensate for our spoilt first world problems.

You can find the CTB server by filtering for “CTB” – were running public PVP games with 50+ players, as well as some smaller 30 player coop events when passworded. Jump on ts.combatteambravo.com to get in on the action!

Mr Wilf has been busy filming our adventures thus far, have a look at a short snippet of a PvP game last night!

You can also find a video from Wilf below on how to load your A2 addons and muck around with some of the more familiar content.