Monthly Archive: March 2013

Mar 05 2013

Dslyecxi proves that all we’ll do with A3 is customize our gear…

Yep. The excitement builds for the release of ArmA 3′s Alpha, and with that comes some videos from the master himself. While this has made many of us over excited, the one thing coming out of it with CTB members seems to be the field of fashion (and who will be the most fabulous operator). …

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Mar 02 2013

OP Morning Light II OPORD

You can RSVP to the calendar event.

Mar 01 2013

Sabre is a d***tease

Sabre, ArdvarkDB and friends have been slowly working away on his SOTG units, and damn if they aren’t the sexiest thing to hit ArmA yet. Now he just has to release them so we can all bask in their glory before ArmA 3 takes our attention hostage!

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